Akane wins singles, Aya grabs doubles with Arisa in Nat’l HighSchool Invitational

Akane YAMAGUCHI @archives

The reigning World/Asia Junior champion Akane YAMAGUCHI collected another gold medal on Monday at National High-school Invitational in Nagano which is one of three major tournaments for Japanese high school shuttlers

The youngest ever SuperSeries champion outclassed other Japanese teenage girls including Yukino NAKAI who upset last year’s Asia Junior champion Aya OHORI 23-21,21-19 in the semifinal

After all, Akane, who is turning 17 coming June, reached the pinnacle quite comfortably without losing a single game

Aya OHORI/Arisa HIGASHINO ~photo courtesy of A.HIGASHINO

Meanwhile, Aya and her team mate Arisa HIGASHINO became  women’s doubles champion after beating Akane ARAKI/Chiharu SHIDA. Aya/Arisa also never lost any game throughout their four matches

Kanta TSUNEYAMA @archives

In Men’s events, Asia Junior runner-up Kanta TSUNEYAMA defeated Minoru KOGA 21-17,21-14 at the singles final

Kenya MITSUHASHI/Yuta WATANABE @archives

Kanta advanced to the doubles final as well with Hashiru SHIMONO. However he was denied bagging the second individual title of this tournament by a year younger pair  Kenya MITSUHASHI/Yuta WATANABE. Both Kanta/Hashiru and Kenya/Yuta were the second runner-up in Asia Junior championships last month

Final results :

【Men’s singles】 Kanta TSUNEYAMA 〈21-17,21-14〉 Minoru KOGA

【Women’s singles】 Akane YAMAGUCHI 〈21-15,21-15〉 Yukino NAKAI

【Men’s doubles】 Kenya MITSUHASHI/Yuta WATANABE 〈22-20,14-21,21-12〉 Kanta TSUNEYAMA/Hashiru SHIMONO

【Women’s doubles】 Aya OHORI/Arisa HIGASHINO 〈21-15,21-15〉 Akane ARAKI/Chiharu SHIDA

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