End of Career?

Steroid in badminton


理由は、6月28日に実施したドーピング検査の結果、禁止物質が検出されたというもの。BWFによれば、検出されたのは、アナボリックステロイドの一種、クレンブテロール(Clenbuterol とされる



Zhou Mi banned for two years

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The BWF announced today that a BWF Doping Hearing conducted in Copenhagen on Monday 23 August has banned ZHOU Mi (HKG) for 2 years from participation in badminton, following an Adverse Analytical Finding.

The Hearing was the result of an Adverse Analytical Finding of a sample taken from ZHOU Mi in late June as part of the BWF’s ‘out-of-competition’ testing programme. ZHOU Mi tested positive to Clenbuterol, a Class 1 Anabolic Agent on the WADA Prohibited List of substances.

ZHOU Mi cannot participate in any badminton at the international, national and local level for a period of 2 years.

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