Kaori regains All Japan title defeating French Open SS champion

WS champion in 2007 & 2012 @archives
WS champion in 2007 & 2012 @archives

All Japan Championships Finals, Kaori IMABEPPU has come back to the podium since 2007 defeating French Open Superseries 2012 champion Minatsu MITANI

Just like Kaori, 2007 Men’s Singles champion Sho SASAKI tried to regain All Japan title. However Kenichi TAGO denied Sho’s challenge and retained No.1 status for 5 consecutive years

Meanwhile, in Men’s Doubles, Kenichi HAYAKAWA/Hiroyuki ENDO reached to the peak for the first time. China Masters Superseries 2012 Runner-up pair beat the defending champion Noriyasu HIRATA/Hirokatsu HASHIMOTO comfortably

New champion was born in Mixed Doubles as well. Takeshi KAMURA /Koharu YONEMOTO won to a pair of veteran Shoji SATO and his team mate Yumiko NISHIYAMA

One of highlights of the day, Women’s Doubles Final brought spectator unexpected ending. Ayaka TAKAHASHI/Misaki MATSUTOMO defended their title against London Olympic Silver medalist Mizuki FUJII/Reika KAKIIWA due to knee injury of Mizuki who implies to retire at the end of this year

◆The Results of Finals on 09 Dec

【Men’s Singles】

Kenichi TAGO (NTT East) 〈21-17,21-15〉 Sho SASAKI (Tonami)

【Women’s Singles】

Minatsu MITANI (NTT East) 〈9-21,22-24〉 Kaori IMABEPPU (Panasonic)

【Men’s Doubles】

Noriyasu HIRATA/Hirokatsu HASHIMOTO (Tonami) 〈16-21,14-21〉 Kenichi HAYAKAWA/Hiroyuki ENDO (Unisys)

【Women’s Doubles】

Mizuki FUJII/Reika KAKIIWA (Renesas) 〈21-13,11-8Retire〉 Ayaka TAKAHASHI/Misaki MATSUTOMO (Unisys)

【Mixed Doubles】

Takeshi KAMURA /Koharu YONEMOTO (Tonami/Panasonic) 〈21-19,21-7〉 Shoji SATO/Yumiko NISHIYAMA (NTT East)

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