Minatsu gets her revenge over the defending champion

All Japan Championships Women’s Singles semifinals, Minatsu MITANI overcame last year’s loss to the youngest defending champion, Nozomi OKUHARA. Besides Nozomi, in 2012 Minatsu succeeded in defeating a number of good players who beat her previously, such as WANG Shixian (China), Sapsiree TAERATTANACHAI (Thailand),  Eriko HIROSE (Japan) and Saina NEHWAL (India)

In Women’s Doubles, London Olympic Silver medalist, Mizuki FUJII/Reika KAKIIWA advanced to the final. This is the last opportunity for them to grab All Japan’s title since they have already announced to split by the end of this year due to Mizuki’s retirement

In Men’s category, Kenichi TAGO and Noriyasu HIRATA/Hirokatsu HASHIMOTO aim at 5th and 4th consecutive title respectively

On the other hand, 4 times Men’s Singles champion (2003,04,05,06), Shoji SATO challenges for Mixed Doubles title with his team mate Yumiko NISHIYAMA

◆The Draws of Finals on 09 Dec

【Men’s Singles】

Kenichi TAGO (NTT East) vs Sho SASAKI (Tonami)

【Women’s Singles】

Minatsu MITANI (NTT East) vs Kaori IMABEPPU (Panasonic)

【Men’s Doubles】

Noriyasu HIRATA/Hirokatsu HASHIMOTO (Tonami) vs Kenichi HAYAKAWA/Hiroyuki ENDO (Unisys)

【Women’s Doubles】

Mizuki FUJII/Reika KAKIIWA (Renesas) vs Ayaka TAKAHASHI/Misaki MATSUTOMO (Unisys)

【Mixed Doubles】

Shoji SATO/Yumiko NISHIYAMA (NTT East) vs Takeshi KAMURA /Koharu YONEMOTO (Tonami/Panasonic)


◆The Results of Semifinals on 08 Dec

【Men’s Singles】

Kenichi TAGO (NTT East) 〈21-18,21-9〉 Kazumasa SAKAI (Unisys)

Sho SASAKI (Tonami) 〈21-7,21-16〉 Yuichi IKEDA (Unisys)

【Women’s Singles】

Eriko HIROSE (Panasonic) 〈13-21,17-21〉 Kaori IMABEPPU (Panasonic)

Nozomi OKUHARA (*High School) 〈17-21,21-23〉 Minatsu MITANI (NTT East)

【Men’s Doubles】

Noriyasu HIRATA/Hirokatsu HASHIMOTO (Tonami) 〈21-18,21-8〉 Hiroyuki SAEKI/Ryota TAOHATA (Unisys)

Shoji SATO/Naoki KAWAMAE (NTT East) 〈9-21,21-15,13-21〉 Kenichi HAYAKAWA/Hiroyuki ENDO (Unisys)

【Women’s Doubles】

Mizuki FUJII/Reika KAKIIWA (Renesas) 〈21-18,21-11〉 Satoko SUETSUNA/Miyuki MAEDA (Renesas)

Shizuka MATSUO/Mami NAITO (Panasonic)  〈15-21,9-21〉 Ayaka TAKAHASHI/Misaki MATSUTOMO (Unisys)

【Mixed Doubles】

Ryota TAOHATA/Ayaka TAKAHASHI (Unisys)  〈21-8,14-21,18-21〉 Shoji SATO/Yumiko NISHIYAMA (NTT East)

Hirokatsu HASHIMOTO /Mizuki FUJII (Tonami/Renesas) 〈21-13,17-21,11-21〉 Takeshi KAMURA /Koharu YONEMOTO (Tonami/Panasonic)


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