World ranking tells winners at All Japan 2018

No upset, the highest World ranking shuttlers won the most prestigious national tournament in Japan

Annual year-end major event, All Japan Champioships took place at Komazawa Olympic park in Tokyo from 27 Nov to 02 Dec. And the outcome was no surprise but producing 5 champions from 5 different teams

World no.2

In Women’s events, titles were defended by the last year’s champions named Akane YAMAGUCHI and Yuki FUKUSHIMA / Sayaka HIROTA

World no.2 Akane defeated HONG KONG Open winner and World no.5 Nozomi OKUHARA for the first time at their meeting in the final

World no.1

World no.1 Yuki / Sayaka passed the semifinal with the reigning World champion Wakana NAGAHARA / Mayu MATSUMOTO (World no.3), then won the final against Olympic Gold medalist Ayaka TAKAHASHI / Misaki MATSUTOMO (World no.2)

World no.1

On the other hand, Men’s titles were grabbed by the former champions, Kento MOMOTA (2015) and Keigo SONODA / Takeshi KAMURA (2015, 16)

World no.3

World no.1 Kento earned his second crown, World no.3 Keigo / Takeshi won their third after beating World no.9 Kenta NISHIMOTO and no.8 Hiroyuki ENDO / Yuta WATANABE in the final respectively

World no.3

In Mixed Doubles, no pair could steal even a single game from World no.3 Yuta WATANABE/ Arisa HIGASINO who bagged their second All Japan title in a row


Meanwhile, the future of some National A team members who were ousted early stage at All Japan Championships, is now left in the hands of National team coaches and Nippon Badminton Association (NBA)

Yuki KANEKO / Takuto INOUE and Sayaka SATO lost in the second round uexpectedly. Kazumasa SAKAI, Aya OHORI, Saena KAWAKAMI and Koharu YONEMOTO / Shiho TANAKA reached the quarter-finals only

NBA will announce next season’s member of National A and B teams later this month after evaluating All Japana’s outcome and shuttlers’ performences trough a whole season in 2018

Results of the final

【MS】Kento MOMOTA (1) <21-9,18-21,21-11>Kenta NISHIMOTO (2)

【WS】Akane YAMAGUCHI (1) <21-16,17-21,21-11>Nozomi OKUHARA (2)

【MD】Keigo SONODA / Takeshi KAMURA (1)<21-16,21-15>Hiroyuki ENDO / Yuta WATANABE (3)

【WD】Ayaka TAKAHASHI / Misaki MATSUTOMO (1)<15-21,13-21>Yuki FUKUSHIMA / Sayaka HIROTA (2)

【XD】Yuta WATANABE / Arisa HIGASHINO (1)<21-17,21-18>Takuro HOKI / Wakana NAGAHARA (2)



【Men’s Singles】


champion : Kento MOMOTA (NTT East)

1st runner-up : Kenta NISHIMOTO (Tonami)

2nd runners-up : Kanta TSUNEYAMA (Tonami), Takuma UEDA (Nihon Unisys)

【Women’s Singles】


champion : Akane YAMAGUCHI (Saishunkan)

1st runner-up : Nozomi OKUHARA (Nihon Unisys)

2nd runners-up : Sayaka TAKAHASHI (Nihon Unisys), Mako URUSHIZAKI (San-in Godo Bank)

【Men’s Doubles】

Hiroyuki, Yuta, Takeshi and Keigo

champion : Keigo SONODA / Takeshi KAMURA (Tonami)

1st runner-up : Hiroyuki ENDO / Yuta WATANABE (Nihon Unisys)

2nd runners-up : Yugo KOBAYASHI / Takuro HOKI (Tonami), Hiroki OKAMURA / Masayuki ONODERA (Nihon Unisys / Waseda Univ.)

【Women’s Doubles】

Ayaka, Misaki, Yuki and Sayaka

champion : Yuki FUKUSHIMA / Sayaka HIROTA (Gifu Tricky Panders)

1st runner-up : Ayaka TAKAHASHI / Misaki MATSUTOMO (Nihon Unisys)

2nd runners-up : Wakana NAGAHARA / Mayu MATSUMOTO (Hokuto Bank), Ayako SAKURAMOTO / Yukiko TAKAHATA (Yonex)

【Mized Doubles】

Takuro, Wakana, Arisa and Yuta

champion : Yuta WATANABE / Arisa HIGASHINO (Nihon Unisys)

1st runner-up : Takuro HOKI / Wakana NAGAHARA (Tonami / Hokuto Bank)

2nd runners-up : Yugo KOBAYASHI / Chiharu SHIDA (Tonami / Saishunkan), Kohei GONDO / Ayane KURIHARA (Tonami / Nihon Unisys)

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