Team Japan 2013 announced by NBA

According to announcement of Nippon Badminton Association (NBA) on Thursday, some Japanese veteran players are out from international scene in 2013 such as Shoji SATO, Naoki KAWAMAE, Shintaro IKEDA and Ai GOTO.  Besides, the current world no.5 Women’s Doubles pair Shizuka MATSUO/Mami NAITO is not included in next year’s Japanese squad surprisingly

Stay or Go--Team Japan at Thomas/Uber Cups @archives
Stay or Leave–Team Japan at Thomas/Uber Cups @archives

NBA usually makes an announce of new members of National team every December after the most prestigious tournament in Japan, All Japan championships, which was held 04-09 December this year.

In addition, due to post-Olympic season, some announcement of top Japanese player’s retirement can be expected later this month especially on 28 December, the last day of Japan League 2012

Hereunder is the list of Japanese National Team 2013 (as of 20 December)

【Men’s Singles】

Kenichi TAGO (WR.6*All Japan champion), Sho SASAKI (WR.10), Takuma UEDA (WR.29), Kazumasa SAKAI (WR.74), Kento MOMOTA (WR.87), Riichi TAKESHITA (WR.115), Akira KOGA (WR.179), Kenta NISHIMOTO (WR–)

【Women’s Singles】

Eriko HIROSE (WR.12), Minatsu MITANI (WR.13), Sayaka TAKAHASHI (WR.37), Nozomi OKUHARA (WR.38), Kaori IMABEPPU (WR.52*All Japan champion), Aya OHORI (WR.200), Akane YAMAGUCHI (WR.244), Yui HASHIMOTO (WR–)

【Men’s Doubles】

Kenichi HAYAKAWA/Hiroyuki ENDO (WR.4*All Japan champion), Noriyasu HIRATA/Hirokatsu HASHIMOTO (WR.9),  Keigo SONODA/Takeshi KAMURA (WR.59), Ryota TAOHATA/Hiroyuki SAEKI (WR.62), Takuto INOUE/Yuki KANEKO (WR.148), Keiichiro MATSUI/Koshun MIURA (WR.976)

【Women’s Doubles】

Satoko SUETSUNA/Miyuki MAEDA (WR.6), Ayaka TAKAHASHI/Misaki MATSUTOMO (WR.7*All Japan champion), Reika KAKIIWA (WR.9), Naoko FUKUMAN/Kurumi YONAO (WR.78), Megumi TARUNO/Misato ARATAMA (WR–)

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