Four retained, One regained

All Japan Championships 2020

【The Finals】~completed on 27 Dec

<Men’s Singles>

Kento MOMOTA (Nat’l A)<18-21,21-12,21-17>Kanta TSUNEYAMA (Nat’l A)

<Women’s Singles>

Akane YAMAGUCHI (Nat’l A)<21-17,14-21,20-22>Nozomi OKUHARA (Nat’l A)












<Men’s Doubles>

H.ENDO / Y.WATANABE (Nat’l A)<21-19,21-9>T.HOKI / Y.KOBAYASHI (Nat’l A)

<Women’s Doubles>


<Mixed Doubles>

Y.WATANABE / A.HIGASHINO (Nat’l A)<21-11,21-9>Y.KANEKO / M.MATSUTOMO (Corporate)


◆On the podium

Men’s Singles : the 4th for Kento MOMOTA (2015, 18, 19 and 20)

Kento and Kanta ~photo courtesy of tournament organizer

Women’s Singles : the 4th for Nozomi OKUHARA (2011, 15, 19 and 20)

Nozomi and Akane ~photo courtesy of tournament organizer

Men’s Doubles : the 3rd for Hiroyuki ENDO / Yuta WATANABE (2017, 19 and 20)

Hiroyuki, Yuta, Yugo and Takuro ~photo courtesy of tournament organizer

Women’s Doubles : the 3rd for Yuki FUKUSHIMA / Sayaka HIROTA (2017, 18 and 20)

Yuki, Sayaka, Wakana and Mayu ~photo courtesy of tournament organizer

Mixed Doubles : the 4th in a row for Yuta WATANABE / Arisa HIGASHINO (2017, 18, 19 and 20)

Yuta, Arisa, Yuki and Misaki ~photo courtesy of tournament organizer

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