All Japan 2020 Women’s Singles (Updated Results)

All Japan Championships 2020

<Women’s Singles>

【Round of 16】~completed on 24 Dec

Defending champion, Nozomi OKUHARA

Akane YAMAGUCHI (Nat’l A)<21-13,21-13>Riko GUNJI (Nat’l B)

Hirari MIZUI (Nat’l B)<21-13,17-21,21-18>Haruko SUZUKI (Corporate)

Asuka TAKAHASHI (Nat’l B)<16-21,21-15,21-14>Natsuki OIE (Nat’l B)

④ Aya OHORI (Nat’l A)<21-23,7-21>Natsumi SHIMODA (Corporate)

⑤ Sayaka TAKAHASHI (Nat’l A)<21-15,19-21,16-21>Sayaka SATO (Corporate)

⑥ Mako URUSHIZAKI (Corporate)<14-21,15-21>Saena KAWAKAMI (Corporate)

⑦ Natsuki NIDAIRA (Nat’l B)<25-27,11-21>Shiori SAITO (Corporate)

Nozomi OKUHARA (Nat’l A)<21-11,21-11>Miu UCHIDA (Highschool)


【Round of 32】~completed on 23 Dec

Top seed, Akane YAMAGUCHI

Akane YAMAGUCHI (Nat’l A)<21-8,21-12>An UESUGI (University)

Riko GUNJI (Nat’l B)<21-10,21-18>Moe IKEUCHI (Corporate)

Haruko SUZUKI (Corporate)<21-16,15-21,21-15>Momo HAMAKITA (Corporate)

Hirari MIZUI (Nat’l B)<21-8,21-10>Tomoka SAGAWA (University)

Asuka TAKAHASHI (Nat’l B)<21-9,21-12>Atsumi MIYAZAKI (University)

Natsuki OIE (Nat’l B)<walkover>Chiro UCHIYAMA (Corporate)

Natsumi SHIMODA (Corporate)<21-18,22-20>Shiori EBIHARA (Corporate)

Aya OHORI (Nat’l A)<21-16,21-15>Miho KAYAMA (University)


⑨ Sayaka TAKAHASHI (Nat’l A)<21-11,21-15>Akari NAKASHIZU (Highschool)

⑩ Moto HAYASHI (Nat’l B)<19-21,17-21>Sayaka SATO (Corporate)

Mako URUSHIZAKI (Corporate)<21-11,21-9>Konomi NOMURA (Staff of school)

Saena KAWAKAMI (Corporate)<21-5,21-16>Mayu SOGO (Corporate)

Shiori SAITO (NPO)<21-8,21-9>Nanami AKECHI (Corporate)

Natsuki NIDAIRA (Nat’l B)<21-13,22-20>Yukino NAKAI (Corporate)

⑮ Miyu TAKAHASHI (Highschool)<19-21,21-19,19-21>Miu UCHIDA (Highschool)

Nozomi OKUHARA (Nat’l A)<21-15,21-9>Ayaho SUGINO (Corporate)

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