GreatWall collapsed by Korean women

On 15 May, the day of Uber Cup final, Great Wall was finally collapsed by uprising Korean squad.  Korean vanguard, BAE Seung Hee (world No.16) surprisingly overcame world No.1, WANG Yihen in straight sets (23-21,21-11) . And Korea’s 1st doubles followed, managed to beat China’s another world No.1 (18-21,21-12,21-15).  Though China fought back in 2nd singles (21-14,16-21,21-7), Korea’s 2nd doubles did strike back again (19-21,21-14,21-19) and stopped China completely. This is the first time for Korea to become the title holder of Uber Cup since 1956

Korean vanguard

In Uber Cup, which takes place every 2 years, China was 6th consecutive champion from 1998 to 2008 but failed to make it 7th


We did it !

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